Dialyzer, an "artificial kidney", is a most important part of dialysis equipment. Dialyzer consists of two compartments: blood and dialysate, separated by semipermeable membrane. During dialysis treatment toxic substances, like urea and other products of metabolism as well as excess of fluids are removed from blood to dialysate through the membrane. Depending on pore size dialyzers can be "low flux" and "high flux". High flux dialyzers  are better at middle molecules, like B2 microglobulin, removal, especially if hemodiafiltration procedure is performed. Depending on membrane material, dialyzers can be modified celulose (e.g. triacetate) membrane or synthetic. Renalfarma is distributing triacetate and synthetic, low and high flux dialyzers, produced by company Nipro from Japan. All Nipro dialyzers meet highest quality and performance standards.

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