Phasix™ ST Mesh

Phasix™ ST Mesh

Phasix™ ST Mesh combines two market-leading technologies into one product: monofilament resorbable Phasix™ Mesh and a proven hydrogel barrier based on Sepra® technology. While the monofilament mesh supports functional healing and a strong repair, the hydrogel barrier minimizes tissue attachment to the visceral side of the mesh for intraabdominal placement.1These meshes are available in different shapes, such as round, rectangle, and square.For high-risk/comorbid patients, surgeons have had to choose between permanent synthetic meshes and biologic grafts—and their inherent pros and cons. Synthetic meshes can have complications that lead to mesh removal or reoperation, while biologic grafts can have accelerated degradation in the presence of bacteria which may lead to mesh failure.Phasix™ ST Mesh handles, sutures and fixates like a synthetic mesh, while exhibiting the remodeling characteristics of a biologic mesh. It facilitates trocar deployment during laparoscopic placement.

The ST hydrogel barrier

  • Minimizes risk of tissue attachment

  • Has over 10 years of clinical application

  • Resorbs in 30 days

  • 15 clinical studies 

The Phasix™ ST Mesh is a biologically derived scaffold with a hydrogel barrier for intraabdominal placement. It has been designed to provide the repair strength of a synthetic mesh and the remodeling characteristics of a biologic.The Phasix™ ST Mesh does the following:

  • Handles, sutures and fixates like a synthetic mesh

  • Facilitates trocar deployment during laparoscopic placement

  • Its longitudinal stripes aid with orientation and visibility during placement

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