Phasix™ Mesh - the next phase in hernia repair

2023 08 10

Phasix™ Mesh provides a fully resorbable monofilament scaffold for rapid tissue incorporation that has been designed to allow for the repair strength of a synthetic mesh along with the remodeling characteristics of a biologic graft. With rapid tissue ingrowth and long-lasting strength, Phasix™ Mesh provides a strong, reliable repair when patients need it most.

Rapid tissue incorporation

As Phasix™ Mesh is remodeled, it is replaced with functional tissue, ultimately resulting in a strong repair at one year.

Predictable strength for the long run

Phasix™ Mesh gradually and predictably degrades within 12 to 18 months via hydrolysis leaving behind a durable, functional repair with over 3x the strength of the native abdominal wall.

The Phasix™ Mesh family also offers the following benefits:

Low recurrence

Lower post operative infections

Low seroma rates

Associated with improved quality of life

To learn more check out the following videos:

Source: BD

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