Discover the Elisio™ HX - Nipro's new dialyzer

2023 08 07

Renalpharma is proud to supply in Baltic States a novel sharp cut-off, super high flux HD dialyzer: Elisio™ HX

With this next-generation dialyzer, there is now a solution for patients who are not eligible for HDF treatment!

With the combination of a bigger pore size and a specific geometry, Elisio™ HX is designed to remove a wide range of middle molecule uremic toxins which have serious clinical impact on patients.

It is important to care for all and meet the specific needs of all dialysis patients. With Elisio™ HX, we are able to offer a quality dialysis treatment for both standard and vulnerable patients helping them to live longer, live better.

To learn more check out the following video:

Source: Nipro

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